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Top Gear Season 20 Episode 6 innuendo fun with a riff on the David Cameron’s new pornography filter. Meanwhile, a bespectacled female audience member visible over Jeremy Clarkson’s shoulder incurred the wrath of Twitter by laughing too hard and too horse-ily. Then it was Richard Hammond’s turn to squeal with adolescent excitement about some sports cars, as he drove the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster through some picturesque Italian countryside before screeching its stablemate, the limited edition Sesto Elemento, round the Imola race track. Forged from lightweight carbon fibre,

this sci-fi hypercar carries an eye-watering £2m price tag and became only the second car to be spun off the track by tame racing driver The Stig.
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The Star in a Reasonably Priced Car was rock pensioner, American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler – introduced by the leering Clarkson as “Liv Tyler’s dad”. He resembled a Botox-addled Elle Macpherson and if Tyler had crashed, his bee-stung lips could have acted as airbags. Unfortunately, he was going far too slow for that and duly clocked up the second slowest lap time ever. The likeable hedonist did, however, utter one memorable bon mot: “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

Top Gear certainly does that, especially with its bête noire: caravans. The much-maligned mobile homes have taken a terrible pounding over the years and tonight’s final feature inflicted further damage.

Clarkson and May tested the jacked-up diesel hatchbacks known as “crossovers”, increasingly popular amongst the caravanning community. Having established that they all looked the same, the amusing pair set out to discover which was the best – or, more accurately, “least worst”. They spent a day doing what they imagined caravanners do: going to the tip, B&Q and the garden centre, washing their cars, doing some birdwatching, indulging in dogging, going to the tip again.